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Manufacturer of Agricultural Nets & Mulching Papers.


Mulch film is a Polymeric film used for agricultural process. Mulch Film is generally used to hold the water and manure at one place to avoid spillage. This increases the productivity and decreases the cost of production as less water and manure will be required. Mulch Film also keeps the field look neat and tidy. It has become very useful to the farmers as it has several usages.

Mulch Film prevent damage of crops from weeds as it prevents them from growing. It moderates soil temperature best suited for crop growth. Mulch Films prevents the growth of soil-borne diseases and prevents soil erosion.

Mulch Film helps to retain the moisture of the soil. It has become a very popular trend among the farmers to use Mulch Films while farming. The leaching of fertilizers and soil compaction is reduced by using these.

It is mainly used for the agricultural production of chilies, potatoes, capsicum, tomato, watermelon, brinjal, mango plantation and banana cultivation.

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Mulching Films. Mulching may be defined as the process of covering the soil surface around the plants to create cogenial conditions for the crop growth. This may include moisture and soil conservation, temperature moderation, salinity and weed control etc. It exerts a decisive affect on earliness, yield and quality of the crop.

Benefits of Using Mulching Film :

  • Reduces Evaporation
  • Early yields
  • Fewer Weed Problems
  • Reduces Fertilizer Leaching


  • Reduced Soil Compaction
  • Root Pruning Eliminated
  • Cleaner Vegetable Produced


  • Increases Growth
  • Aids Fumigation
  • Reduces Drowning of crops

Application Areas :

  • Fruits and Vegetable Plantations.
  • Seasonal Et No seasonal vegetable farming.
  • Nursery.
  • Floriculture.
  • Horticulture etc.

Specifications :

Parameters Description
Width 2.5 Feet to 7 Feet
Length 400 mtr Roll or As require by customer
Thickness 20 Micron to 100 Micron
Colours Black -Silver, Black-Black
Packing Style Roll

Note : Custom Size, Thickness, Colour and packing are available on bulk order of customer.